Our Vision and mission


  • CIN’s vision is to build a society with social justice, gender equality, social harmony, and prosperity for all citizens by partnering with Nepal government, local community, national and international society.


  • Establishing a society with justice, ending of violence against women, trafficking and other forms of violence against women and marginalized people.
  • Promoting sustainable agricultural production and efficient natural resources management technologies for improved food security, nutrition and income generation and environment protection.


  • To help in elimination of discrimination against women and girls, end gender based violence and trafficking and establish social justice, security, women human rights and equality.
  •  To support for vulnerable girls, women and trafficked survivors for both agro based and off-farm business that will help to be independent and improve women’s and marginalized people’s economic and social status.
  •  Help in improving access to justice, empower community people to solve their own problem and establish peace and social harmony at home as well as in community through legal service, education, counseling and policy advocacy in every level of state.
  •  To help in accessing health rights, education rights for women and children through health education, basic health check up interventions and referral service