Our Team

      Adviser of CIN Nepal

Dr. Binayek Prasad Rajbhandari (PhD) Sustainable Agricultural Development and women empowerment
Dr. Nirmala Sharma (PhD) Gender and agriculture development
Dr. Keshav Paudel  (PhD) Disaster Management and GISP
Dr. Balmukunda Bhandari (PhD) Education

Executive board members

Name   Function Experiences
Pratima Sharma


Chairperson Masters in social science, bachelor in      Law, with 25 years experience in  women rights, trafficking and  GBV, education, livelihood development from feminist perspective
Jiwan Bhusal Vice-Chairperson Master in Sociology with 15 years experience  in  in community development, women rights, community health and gender inclusion.
Ramesh Belbase General Secretary Masters in RD with 20 years experiences in sustainable agriculture development, women empowerment, social mobilization, Instructional development.
Suman K.Sharma Secretary BIT 10 years Experience in IT Field.
Nandikesher Dhakal Treasurer BBA with 30 years experience in social work and women’s political rights and empowerment
Bishnu Joshi Member MBA, MA in sociology with 21 years experience in women’s entrepreneurship, Gender and Development, Business Planning and Training
Gyan Prasad Aryal Member BA in class in Nepali with 15 years experience in social work and women’s political rights.
Radha Dhakal Member MPhil in Population and LLB with 5 years experience in M&E, Anti-trafficking, VAW campaign and training.
Buju Pande Member Master in  Nepali and Journalism with 5 years experience in young women journalism

The List of Institutionnel Membres:

  1. Pratima Sharma (Founder Président)
  2. Bishnu Joshi (Founder Tresurer)
  3. Nirmala Adhikari (Fonder General Secretery)
  4. Ratna Shrestha (Founder Vice-Président)
  5. Deepa B.K. (Founder Board member)
  6. Krishna Joshi (Member)
  7. Shanti Chaudhari (Fonder member)
  8. Kamala Thapa (Member)
  9. Sumitra Sharma (Member)
  10. Biju Pande (Member)
  11. Sushila Bhattarai (Member)
  12. Radha Dhakal (Member)
  13. Manju Gautam (Member)
  14. Nirmala Thapa (Member)
  15. Jiwan Bhusal (Member)
  16. Ramesh Belbase (Member)
  17. Suman K. Sharma (Member)
  18. Rishi Ram Sharma (Member)
  19. Shiv Sharma (Member)
  20. Madhu Sudhan Adhikari (Founder Member)
  21. Nandikesher Dhakal (Member)
  22. Gyan Prasad Aryal (Member)