Community Mediation and Social Harmony

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CIN wants to work in the area of social harmony through community mediation. Since community people have been bearing the large amount of period of arm conflict, dispute between women and men, clash between north and southern community, CIN wants to create social harmony among them through creative community mediation.  As world wise recognize the community mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution which helps to formal and often informal justice mechanism by keeping actual social justice in its core of heart. CIN helps to women to create access to justice from feminist perspective and some time it use win-win approach as alternative dispute resolution mechanism. This approach will promote to improve access to justice and need to empower disputants to solve their own problem in the process. In addition, CIN gives her emphasize in reducing disputes, improving relationships and strengthen social inclusion and empowerment from feminist perspective. Under this theme key activities are as follows:

  • Establishment of mediation club in ward
  • Conduction of capacity building training on community mediation
  • Formation of VDC level meditation network
  • Setting up of community mediation library
  • Development of barefoot judge and lawyer
  • Establishment of social harmony and strengthen of community mediation